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Say what you might about the wines from the company but this is a sane way of advertising wine.Not the typical,cheesy message that wine companies attempt at conveying! 

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Wonder if this could be the future of Bordeaux en-primeur once the Chinese stop buying all those wines! ;)

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The Label Says It All #2-So what does this one say to you?

The Label Says It All #2-So what does this one say to you?

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The Label Says It All #1-So what does this one say to you?

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So if you believe in the power of yoga and the magic of wine,this shall continue to inspire you and keep you fit!

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If you talk about overacting,this advertisement has all it takes to give Telly actors and Hollywood stars a run for their money.But what this also does is drive some well needed traffic to the company’s webpage irrespective of what the conversion rate is.You can ridicule this outrageous form of promoting a product/service but it certainly grabs you by the hand,wakes you up and makes you download/order/drink some wine.Isn’t it?If not,be happy to be amongst the 63K+ viewers who couldn’t accept this reality,the unreal one that is!  

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Had too much of wine and subsequently a terrible hangover due to your Bag in Box last night? It’s usually hard to say No to your generous friends when they got that big box and you’ve got no choice but to oblige. So how about carrying your own ‘wine can’ the next time around and only have however much you want.

A design such as this created almost 5 years ago is yet to be seen frequently on supermarket shelves but for me is certainly a trend to watch out for.Why would a consumer absolutely unaware of wine technicalities mind buying it,or at least try it once? For all you know,the wine inside could be a reasonably good one. Also, convenience being a major success determinant these days (the FMCG sector and retailers know this the best), this product certainly has the potential to pull it off especially in a channel like small format retail store.

Going by the search results for so many other similar designs,be ready to make some space in your cellar along with those bottles and magnums.For wine producers, this could be a good way to reach masses and charge a premium!  

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